October 27, 2017

Our popular fresh brew coffee machine CQube EVO MF13 has been released with a clean, elegant white front. EVO is made of high-quality materials that visually emphasize the machine features. The material selection has been made to address all the senses with a focus on functionality, hygiene and durability. With its remarkable lines, the machine perfectly suits both office and public environments.

Why EVO?

EVO has been designed to get the maximum of your coffee. All parts of the brewing process can be adjusted individually to get accurate specifications that ensure the optimum taste and aroma of the coffee. The result is a constant and superior in cup quality. Thanks to EVO technology, we can offer you the opportunity to create and store unique recipes. Plus, its unlimited recipe storege, everyone can get a perfect cup of coffee at any time.

We call it IN CUP QUALITY.

Guaranteed quality

EVO has several certifications that guarantee its high quality. EVO is the first coffee machine in the Nordic region approved for use in a Swan-labeled coffee service, among others. In addition to this, the machine has performed rigorous testing at the European Coffee Brewing Center, which cover the most important aspects of the coffee brewing and the possible sources of error that may occur in the brewing process. Below you will find several of EVO’s certifications.

Energy declaration EVO

With its A + certification for energy efficiency, EVO not only creates a perfect cup of coffee, but also protects the environment and saves money.


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